The Association initially commenced as the Rural Fire Brigades Association (TRFBA) in 1974, changed to the Tasmanian Country Fire Brigades Association (TCFBA) in 1979 and finally to the Tasmanian Volunteer Fire Brigades Association (TVFBA) in 1994.

All changes were associated with the similar changes when, fire suppression with the State of Tasmania moved from the Rural Fires Board to the Tasmania Fire Service under two distinct directorates (Country & Urban) and finally to the establishment of a single fire service in the early 1990’s.

The early days of the Association where very strongly supported by brigade members from predominately the South of the State but over the years the Association has become truly representative of the Fire Brigades located within the State of Tasmania.

The State Council meets on average four times a year with the meetings being conducted throughout the State. Additionally the Branches meet as required. Some branches hold Branch meetings on a regular basis whilst others meet as required by the membership in that Branch. Branch Executive Meetings are held usually within a period of 4 weeks before a State Council Meeting.

Over the years that Association has been involved in many and varied matters pertaining to the betterment of volunteer fire fighters within Tasmania. The most significant gain factor achieved by the TVFBA was that of a State Government Funding Review in 1988. This review required considerable involvement by volunteer members including addressing both Houses of State Parliament and following the legislative changes through to their conclusions – suffice to say that the Fire Levy was increased for $5.00 (minimum) per rateable property in Tasmania to $25.00 (minimum). This increase in funding via the Fire Levy provided us with an opportunity to dramatically commence an upgrade program for our fire stations and vehicles that required an immediate injection of funds.

In approx 1984 the Association gained membership on the Ministers Fire Service Advisory Council and this continued till 1992.

In 1989 the Volunteer Associations achieved membership on the State Fire Commission and as such became directly involved in the policy development within the Fire Service.