TFS Support Fund

Purpose of the Fund

To provide assistance to TFS members and their immediate families who have been involved in an accident or event that has resulted in significant financial hardship.

Eligibility for assistance criteria

All TFS members and their immediate family (spouse, partner, daughter, son).

Approximately 3 years ago one of our volunteer member’s daughters was severely injured in a motor vehicle accident at Campbell Town.  The young lady required acute care in the Austin Hospital in Melbourne for 10 weeks and is now under intensive rehabilitation and special care in Launceston.  Her family have kept a daily bedside vigil from the first initial emergency call. Her father was one of the first emergency personnel on scene from Campbell Town Fire Brigade.

Given the ongoing financial burden that families in these circumstances find themselves in, it was felt that some support with travel expenses and accommodation would go a long way to assist. Unfortunately TFS personnel and their families confronted with these hardships do not have access to this form of assistance.  Therefore the basis for this fund was established. 

Our aim is to have funds and services available at short notice to assist in a time of need, and this letter is our first communiqué to advise about the Fund and seek your support.

We would encourage all of you to just consider donating $2.00 to this fund which across the state would deposit in excess of  $8-9,000 which would be a great start. The fund has already had pledges of money in excess of $3,000 from volunteer brigades and state-wide businesses who have jumped at the opportunity to help a firiey and his/her family in need.

For further information or to make a donation contact your local regional administration staff who will forward your interest onto the Fund Management Committee.