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2022-24 State Council

The Tasmanian Volunteer Fire Brigades Association is an organisation of members of Volunteer Fire Brigades from within the Tasmania Fire Service. Every volunteer member, irrespective of their brigade classification, role or function is a member the Association at no cost.

The Tasmanian Volunteer Fire Brigades Association provides support for Volunteer Fire Brigade members in all aspects of firefighting and volunteerism in the State of Tasmania.

The association has representation on the State Fire Commission and all committees of the Tasmania Fire Service.  The governing body is the State Council which is drawn from elected delegates from the three Regional Branches and represents all Volunteer Firefighters.

General meetings of the Regional Branches are open to all volunteers.

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If you would like a State Council delegate to visit your brigade or if have an issue that you would like to discuss with a State Council delegate please email us and we will contact you.

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2020 TVFBA State Council AGM (via Video Link due to Covid-19):

2020 State Council AGM

To find out more about being a volunteer firefighter with the Tasmania Fire Service click here.